Ed in the Refridgerators. Perfectly acceptable. They are such.

According to student research, Ed in the Refridgerators is proven to be educational!

Joe DeGeorge - age 18, lead vocals, guitar, keyboard, vests

Andrew MacLeay - age 19, drums, glockenspeil, ties, other stuff

Ed was conceived by the 11 and 12 year old versions of Joe and Andrew respectively. Ed was conceived in multiple refrigerators. However, because Ed was in so MANY refrigerators, some of these refrigerators were mispelled when the Monks of Ed transcribed the original works of Ed in the Refridgerators. Over time, like a handwritten game of "telephone," the mystical Monks of Ed turned Ed in the Refrigerators into Ed in the Refridgerators. The seasons have changed 24 times since the the monks first mispelled "refrigerators."

Ed in the Refridgerators were premeired to the world on Tufts Universitiy's WMFO 91.5. The prepubescent voices of Joe and Andrew were immortalized that day on the airwaves playing all time favourites, like Sea Monkeys and Mary had a Little Lamb in C Minor (with Spaghettios.) "Who eats lamb with Spaghettios?" asked Joe during the set. Joe never got an answer.

Ed in the Refridgerators continued their first stage of devolpment playing shows mostly at Tufts University and MassArt. During this stage (1999-2000) they distributed their home-recorded album, Good is Dumb, to the masses. They also scored the music for a play of twisted fairytales entitled, Yes, We Have No Morals.

Then, one magical day, Ed in the Refridgerators were no longer boys. They were not yet men either. They were a band, in a recording studio, producing their oxymoron of a 15 minute full length album, It could Happen to You. This album contained many redone version of songs on Good is Dumb but also contained several more rocking songs about having crushes on girls and words discovered in the dictionary.

Since Ed has recorded It Could Happen to You, they have been writing songs about popes for 4 years. They have also written songs about other stuff. They have also been slowly recording and compiling their material for release. And what do you know? It will be released! Yes. Brace yourselves for the record that will change everything forever! Mountains will be turned upside down. The Pyramids will be levelled. The North American Plains will become pyramids. Giants will turn into golden statues! This is the price that the world must pay in order to obtain Ed in the Refridgerators Get Excommunicated.


If you have questions concerning the members of Ed in the Refridgerators, email ED

Lovely lads. They have been playing music together for 6 years. Yowzah!

Joe also plays in Harry and the Potters and some other bands.

Andrew plays in a stupid drum corp thing.