Ed in the Refridgerators. Perfectly educational. Learn a lot and rock on!

This essay was writtem by Jimmmeee Awesomeness of The Futz. His efforts will help bring the enlightened forces of Ed in the Refridgerators into the hearts and minds of young people everywhere.

James McConnaughy
English, Period 2
Mr. Lee
Persuasive Essay

Students should be able to learn from the music they listen to. There is a rock band named Ed in the Refridgerators (or Ed for short) that plays music with educational topics, but many of the people who have heard them agree that they are good anyway. I think their music could be applied to an educational setting by using their songs in each of the major subjects. Their music could be used to help teach specific parts of the curriculum, it would make students enjoy their classes a little more, and their music isn't very loud, long, or aggressive to disrupt the classroom setting.
Many songs written and played by Ed have positive messages about protecting the environment, the importance or learning, or specific facts in a range of subjects. These songs, while written with style similar to that of rock music, contain more lyrics that promote learning than most rock songs. For example, they have written songs about the Great Schism, Socrates, muscles, and percentages, just to name a few. These songs could be played in class to help the students learn about those specific subjects.
For example, if we were learning about the Great Schism, after we were done taking notes, the teacher could just turn on the song before moving on to the next lesson. It would just be an extra way of learning, like watching a movie on the subject, except only two or three minutes long and put to music. Listening to this educational music may work even better than many of the movies used in school because it would be much shorter and therefore able to hold the student's attention better. Listening to these songs could also be a good study tool because the songs are two to three minutes long, providing a short summary of the most important facts of the topic. Ed's music could prove to be a handy tool for teaching.

Many students find school boring and don't enjoy going. But if they knew they would be able to listen to music they liked during their class, they would probably enjoy being in their classes more. This would boost the students' morale because they would get a short break from the class to gather their thoughts, listen to the music, and relax for a few minutes so they would feel refreshed and ready to learn more. The students would also have the same materials presented to them in a different, more enjoyable way. This different way of learning the material might even work better for some people because there are many different ways of learning and some people find hearing the same material over and over again helps them remember it. It would also give teachers a little rest before continuing with their lessons. This way of teaching the material would make many students enjoy coming to school a lot more.
Rock music is generally considered to be a loud, disruptive, aggressive music. Some people might say that such music would be disruptive to the school environment. These people have probably never heard music like Ed in the Refriderators. Even though the music style of Ed is similar to that of rock music, it doesn't necessarily mean it is loud and aggressive. Ed in the Refridgerators music is quiet, extremely non-aggressive, and wouldn't distract students from their work.

Ed in the Refridgerators music would be a new, different, more fun way of presenting the same material as the students are doing but summarized in two minutes. This would also cause the students to enjoy coming to school more because they would be able to listen to music they enjoy as part of their classes. Inclosing, I will leave you with the immortal words of Joe Degeorge, keyboard player and guitarist of Ed in the Refridgerators, "Learn a lot and rock on!"



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